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Solving For Us vs. Them

Why is there a divide between management and the employees they lead? Why does each group have such an incredibly hard time understanding each other? Why do over 70% of corporate initiatives fail? It isn’t because of a lack of communication from the top. And talking louder clearly isn’t going to fix it. Well now there is a book that can help you traverse this mission critical corporate problem. Management vs. Employees: How Leaders Can Bridge the Power Gaps That Hurt Corporate Performance is a “must read” for any leader looking to bridge the Us vs. them divide. In Management vs. Employees, Hayes Drumwright attacks a problem that has plagued companies for years. How do we bridge the power gap between management and employees in a way that inspires both to engage? Having bootstrapped businesses in different industries creating over $500,000,000 in revenue, Drumwright covers the mindset and methodologies leaders must utilize at all levels in organizations to close the gap on apathy and entitlement in order to create an engaged workforce that can scale companies organically. Using stories from both perspectives and multiple company engagements you will learn how to build trust, gather input, distribute accountability, and make those you lead feel like an accomplice in the leader’s master plan.