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POPin Blog

Spring is in the Air

Though our friends in Boston might disagree, spring is in the air. We’ve “sprung forward” (and suffered endlessly with that lost hour), finalized our March Madness brackets (did you really pick Wisconsin?), planted our begonias (ok, so ask Martha Stewart) and are counting the days when our kids go back to school. There’s a newness, a refresh and all this talk of spring got us thinking. Why not a ‘spring reboot’ and refresh at work? For businesses, however, it marks the last month before “Q2” of the business year begins and a time for management to wonder what kind of shape they’re in. So what do we mean by a spring reboot? You can go ahead and call it Spring Training if it’s easier. But it means revisiting strategies so far and making adjustments and course corrections. No doubt you’ll likely have a few new faces on your team so it’s also a great opportunity to clarify about what you stand for, what your values are and what your goals are. Done right, and with POPin’s help, a spring reboot can be a powerful catalyst for communicating the need for change and engaging the team to meet a common goal. Here are three ideas to help with your spring reboot:
  1. Reconnect to team. Your employees need to know the role the team expects them to play. Leaders can provide a blueprint of how employees’ roles contribute to the success of the enterprise. It is also a time to discuss what challenges lie ahead and how the company plans to address them.
  2. Reinforce the fundamentals. The Basics. Make sure your team gets an opportunity to refresh their skills and ensure they are the best they can be. As a business leader, you’ve also got to revisit the fundamentals. Is your brand strategy working? Are you targeting your customers effectively? Do people care about what you have to offer? Sure, you tackled these questions when you launched the new year but now is the time to revisit them.
  3. Reevaluate where you stand. Employees need to find time to measure their performance against the corporate strategies and tactics. How are their actions helping the team succeed? Managers need to link individual contributions to organizational mission.
And not to get too philosophical, coming as it does in the spring, perhaps it’s also about a renewed purpose. So ideally, leaders need to offer hope that comes from organizational purpose. Understanding that purpose gives people a sense of mission as well as a direction. Coming together to renew purpose is an essential part of the organizational mission, and for that reason any organization would do well to make time to bring people together to focus on the work but also celebrate the possibilities of what you do well.