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Launch a quick multiple choice, rating or scale (1-5) poll to get a quick consensus.

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Use POPin to ask multi-question surveys with robust reporting to drive employee engagement.

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Have an honest conversation by allowing your participants to see, comment and vote on each other's answers to your question.

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Live Event

Engage your audience by presenting their ideas during your live meeting or event.

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Strategy is Easy

Adoption is Hard

Launch a POPin

Meetings Are the Lifeblood of Strategy

Make it safe to learn the truth

70% of business initiatives fail miserably. Worse, the teams doing the work already knew the truth of the matter, whether it would work or not – but it wasn’t safe for them to tell you. Until now.

POPin Defines Clarity

Uncover confusion to ensure success

Leaders need understanding and buy-in from the teams on strategy to succeed. POPin will surface issues, create clarity, and share authorship on how to roll things out effectively.

Spot Key Performance Indicators

POPin dashboards spotlight KPIs

Understand the concerns and ideas of each and every department across an enterprise when planning or implementing strategic initiatives. POPin dashboards will provide better insights into the level of trust, clarity and buy-in across the organization.