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Why a Strong Organizational Culture Matters in Business

Do your employees have a sense of what’s expected of them? Are they clear on the specific processes you’d like them to take? Are their actions in the workplace and communications with clients in line with the tone and core values of your brand? If you can’t answer these questions, you need to read this article. In it, we’ll discuss why a strong organizational culture is crucial to the success of your business. It Sets the Tone for Employees What is one thing that can quickly sink an otherwise profitable company? A lack of direction. In fact, only half of today’s employees say they’re clear about the expectations their employers have for them. A strong organizational culture means that your employees have a clear example to follow. This “example” can be set and reinforced in a variety of places. It starts with your mission statement and a brief explanation of your company’s values. What problem did you start your company in order to solve? What are the most important things to you when it comes to doing business? Are long-term relationships with clients more of your priority, or is your main focus on producing quality products, even if that means you have to invest more time and money in your business? This tone needs to start at the top — from you. It also needs to be monitored and informed by your employees’ current level of engagement with your company. Nip any shifts you sense in your employees’ attitudes in the bud and stop any problems your employees bring to your attention as soon as you can. That way, your corrections can be gentle and effective, instead of coming off as “lecturing” or “micro-management.” This helps to keep your employees happy — meaning employee turnover will be far less of a problem. It Helps You Stand Out to Potential Customers Of course, putting organization at the forefront of your business priorities doesn’t just help to keep your office running smoothly. It also helps you to get and retain customers. Every client, whether an individual or business entity, wants to work with a company they feel is incredibly organized. Advertising your attention to organization, as well as explaining your specific organization structure to clients is a great way to earn their trust. First, it helps potential clients to understand that you’re able to create a schedule and stick to it — nobody likes delays in an order shipment or slow service. Additionally, organization is a part of your customer service. It helps clients to understand your unique process and what sets you apart from your competitors. Clients want to feel like you have a plan in place. Emphasize the importance of that plan to your employees and encourage them to keep clients informed as to where they are in the process. Updates tell clients that you’re constantly moving forward and helps them to feel like they’re a priority. A Strong Organizational Culture Is the Foundation of a Successful Business  Thanks to this post, you now have more of an understanding as to why a strong organizational culture is so important to your company. However, sometimes figuring out what that structure should look like, and tracking its progress among your employees and leadership, can be a bit of a challenge. We’re here to help. Set up an account with us today to learn more about how our tools can help you to maximize the efficiency of your business and increase your profits.