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Surprising Facts About Jobs for Millennials That Will Change Your Management Style

Managing a workforce is more than setting sales goals and hosting a lunch and learn. It is about knowing the perspectives, behaviors and needs of the people who work for you. As millennials grow in numbers in the job market, much of this focus is on them. Jobs for millennials are becoming more competitive for everyone involved. On one hand, almost half of all recent college graduates are employed in jobs that don’t require a four-year degree. They are overqualified and undervalued. On the other, 60% of all employed millennials are open to new opportunities. This means employers aren’t reaching employees well enough to satisfy them. Something’s gotta give, and if you don’t believe us, here are a few more facts to consider changing your management style.
  1. Strong Engagement Equals Retention
Let’s take a closer look at why so many millennials are willing to leave their job. The main answer can be found in engagement rates. Employees are more likely to leave a company when they feel disengaged. Yet, when millennials feel their work is of value, they’re more likely to stick around. They enjoy recognition for hard work and the opportunity for growth in their role.
  1. Collaboration and Flexibility Are Key
On the subject of growth, the millennial mindset has shifted gears from a competitive workforce to a collaborative one. Getting ahead isn’t about climbing the corporate ladder for oneself anymore. It’s about doing well for the good of the company and clients. In fact, 88% of millennials prefer collaboration. But, they don’t think this should happen on a strict schedule anymore. Many of them actually, as shown by 76% of millennials who would switch jobs to work more flexible hours – even if it meant a 3% pay cut! Some would take up to 12% less pay for the opportunity of remote work and/or flex hours in-office. These numbers suggest the trend many employers are starting to see: millennials value work/life balance.
  1. Global Perspectives Are Increasingly Valuable
Another top value in the 20-something job market is a focus on social responsibility. Up to 84% of millennials say making a positive difference is more important than job recognition. Jobs for millennials have to mean more than a paycheck. Their work has to stand for a cause. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering the diversity many of them have grown up with. Today, millennials are more than twice as much tolerant of different races and groups than their older counterparts. Other social issues motivating millennials include climate change, poverty, and lack of education. Food and water security and violence matter as well. Create Better Jobs for Millennials with Better Feedback As much as these values provide insight into the market, it can be hard to know what steps to take in your organization. Thankfully, POPin can help you figure this out. Our crowdsourcing platform takes big ideas and turns them into facts. You can use this before, after, or even during a meeting to really know what your employees are thinking. Such data can shape how you make management decisions on many of the trends mentioned above. Learn more about how it all works and get your login credentials today!