Survey 2.0 = A Safe Two-Way Conversation

Survey 1.0 = A One-Way Poll

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Conversation = Survey 2.0


One-way communication is a thing of the past

It’s like the difference between an old “day planner” and a modern smartphone. People today want to engage in safe conversations instead of being directed toward specific answers in a classic survey which could take days or even months to execute, collate and analyze.

POPin Takes Surveys to a New Level


Conversation versus a poll

POPin for Surveys allows for multiple POPin conversations within a single session so instead of just getting canned answers to questions, you will get a dialog along with votes and comments to uncover the real issues, solutions and sentiments of your team.

Make Better Decisions


POPin dashboards give greater visibility

Have you ever had to analyze hundreds or even thousands of pages of survey responses? It can take weeks if not months with classic surveys to tease out what is really important.  With POPin dashboards you have the ability to graphically spot trends as well as dig deeper with a single click.