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Team Building Events for the Win: Boost Employee Morale

Are you looking to boost the employee morale in your company? Team building events can help motivate employees and create a sense of fondness among them. Bonding with a team even releases oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.” What better way to build relationships and positive energy among your employees? The best way to build effective teams and boost employee morale is by holding team building events regularly. For the business professional whose strengths may lie in creating a results-oriented business plan, team building might seem overwhelming at first. Here’s a guide to help you run effective team building events that will inspire your employees.   4 Team Building Events to Boost Employee Morale Get your employees excited about teamwork with these unique activity ideas: Volunteer Volunteering is an incredible way to boost the morale among your employees. Not only are they getting more experience in working together as a team, but they’ll feel good about themselves for the work they’re doing. Volunteer work also reflects well on the company. Try places like a local soup kitchen or sign up to deliver gifts to hospitals during the holiday season. Your team can also participate in skill-based volunteering, where they can use their professional skills to help a nonprofit. This is a great opportunity for your employees to bond on a task that is not work-related. Check out VolunteerMatch.org or Catchafire.org to find where your employees can volunteer as a team. Escape Room Games These activities have gained a ton of popularity in recent years. They’re fun for groups of friends, but in its nature, room escape games require a fine execution of teamwork. In an escape room game, the venue “locks” a group of people into a room for one hour. There’s a fictional setup as to why they’re trapped, and the group has to find hidden objects and solves puzzles and codes to be freed before their hour is up. This is a great employee bonding activity as they’ll have to work together to solve riddles and clues. Leadership skills, logic, and patience are all needed to succeed at these things. Even though they may seem like a lot of work, they’re an incredibly fun way to hang out with your co-workers. Cooking Class Why not give your team a chance to learn a new skill that will serve them in their personal lives? At cooking classes, people usually work in pairs or small groups to create a multiple-course meal. Using their team building skills in a different environment can be beneficial to the employees’ working relationships. Additionally, your team has a chance to conversationalize and enjoy good food together. Professional Sports Game Perhaps your team can benefit from seeing other teams in action. Round up your employees for a fun night out to a baseball, basketball, or hockey game. A sports outing gives them time to strike up a conversation outside of the confines of work.   A Happy Team is an Efficient Team When trying to boost employee morale, think outside of the workplace. With these four team building events, your employees will enjoy getting to know each other and work together in ways they never have. They’ll come back to work ready to collaborate. Looking for more ways to lead a strong team? Launch a POPin session to help align your organization today!