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The Best Ways HR Can Get Relevant Feedback from Employees

One of the biggest annual costs for businesses each year is having to pay for new employee recruitment and training due to high turnover rates.
This can mostly be avoided through several ways. One is by keeping your employees happy with their job, so they don’t have to leave in the first place. To keep employees satisfied, you need to receive regular feedback from them about what can be improved in the office. Getting accurate feedback from your employees isn’t always easy. Luckily, there are some great strategies that HR can utilize to get staff feedback, such as an employee satisfaction survey. In this blog, we’ll discuss how HR can get feedback from their employees to maintain employee satisfaction and engagement.

How You Can Get Honest Feedback From Employees

It’s crucial for HR to engage with employees about what needs to be improved in the office. This helps to keep the employees satisfied, and it also boosts staff productivity. Here are a couple of the best ways HR can get honest feedback from employees on a regular basis.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Surveys are a great way to get feedback from your staff because it gives them time to think about each question and allows them to say exactly what they need to say. Also, it allows your employees to be anonymous when answering, which generally leads to much more honest responses. Many people are hesitant to voice their opinions to their bosses, so allowing them to give anonymous feedback can be very insightful and helpful to HR. Be sure to ask quality, open-ended questions, so you get valuable replies from your employees. Simply asking yes or no questions will make your staff feel like you don’t actually care about their feedback.

Weekly Meetings

Employee satisfaction surveys are given out quarterly, at most, so it’s important to maintain engagement with your staff between those surveys. At the end of every week, management should be having a staff meeting and allow employees to voice any concerns they may have. Your employees need to feel comfortable with giving feedback and voicing their concerns, so always allow them the time to do so at the end of each week. This will make your staff feel valued and appreciated. Face-to-face communication can be awkward when it’s about issues going on in the office, but it’s necessary. Being able to have open and honest communication is essential to maintain employee satisfaction and improve productivity.

For More Information

Getting feedback from your staff is necessary if you want to maintain their satisfaction, increase productivity, and lower employee turnover rates. The best ways to get feedback are by giving out an anonymous employee satisfaction survey every quarter and by conducting weekly meetings that allow the staff to voice their questions and concerns. With both approaches to suggesting feedback, it’s crucial to ask insightful and open-ended questions. This helps you to get a real sense of what your staff needs and how you can improve. For further help in improving employee satisfaction and productivity, try our service for free today to learn more.