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POPin Blog

The Evolution of Surveys

Let’s face it. Surveys are pretty much the lifeblood of discovering what your customers (and employees) want. Before we get to the great ways we can utilize surveys for our benefit, let’s talk about the evolution of the survey.
  • Survey 1.0: The OG model was pretty basic, wouldn’t you agree? Just a set amount of fixed questions and answers. The idea was for the person to create a survey that guided the answers to their biases but uncover sentiment along the way. This was helpful to gain information, but the information was pretty one sided. Interviewees were not really able to elaborate or engage in their own opinions. Fixed questions get fixed results.
  • Survey 2.0: We move on to the next version. This one still uses fixed question, but there is the possibility for open ended comments and voting. This version gets some interaction but the questions still lead the direction. These surveys help you gain a better understanding of your interviewees and source direction, but it’s still missing TRUE interaction.
  • Survey 3.0: Finally, we come to the future of surveys. We all know that taking surveys is a necessary evil. No one really likes the way surveys have been done in the past. They are tedious and time consuming. This new version takes it to a whole new level. The idea is CROWDSOURCING! They help you and your company get true interaction and source a real solution on any topic including (but certainly not limited to) ideas, comments and votes. We bring your attention to this type of survey because it allows for you to actually engage people. When you have just one direct question or topic and then open the (digital) floor to your audience, you can gain true insight into what they are actually thinking and feeling. It’s so much more effective that way.
We came across a very insightful article on Marketing Tech Blog with ways to utilize surveys and we wanted to share this quote. “Soliciting and analyzing feedback is crucial if you want to continue to deliver great results. Find out what you did well, what issues people are having, and what direction they’d like you to take in the future.” This is exactly what every company (no matter the size) needs to do. And the way to do that is to utilize Survey 3.0– AKA a crowdsourcing initiative. When you actually pay attention to what your team or your customers are saying, you can produce an even better work environment and product. It is up to you to make this a reality. Survey’s are a great past experience, but open ended sessions with voting and commenting are the way into the future.