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The Promises of a Leader

As leaders, it’s our job to inspire and engage. It takes much more than signing a paycheck or bossing people around. Most leaders strive to make an impact– and whether that means on their team or on society as a whole changes with each individual. Every leader should want to make an positive impact on the people they work with– it is part of engaging them to their fullest potential. Lolly Daskal’s main mantra is to “lead from within” and it’s words to live by, if you ask us. She wrote a list of 52 things we should promise to actively work on each week this year. Read her full list here. We want to talk about our favorites and why they are relevant to us everyday, all the time.  
  1. “I promise to identify vision, mission, and purpose.” Without a clear mission, the work will suffer.
  2. “I promise to keep developing and improving.” Never be stagnant. It is up to each and every person– especially the leaders– to focus on improving. Progress is very important.
  3. “I promise to lead with authenticity and vulnerability.” This is a very important part of being a leader. You have to set the pace for the rest of your team. Remember to do that with the right amount of authenticity and vulnerability.
  4. “I promise to encourage creativity and embrace innovation.” Always remember to foster your team’s creativity. Give them a space to innovate and explore possibilities.
  5. “I promise to ask questions and listen to the answers.”
  6. “I promise to lead with integrity and high standards.” It is up to you to set the standards– but make sure to do so with integrity and consciousness.
  7. “I promise to be transparent and trustworthy.” If you expect your team to be trustworthy, you have to do so first. Be open and honest and your team will follow suit.
  8. “I promise to lead with decisiveness and purpose.” Leaders have to make the tough decisions. They have to focus on the ultimate goals of the company and help others do the same.
  9. “I promise to build great teams and productive systems.” It is your job to bring people together. It is your job to provide them with a positive and productive system in which to work.
  10. “I promise to give latitude instead of direction.” We can’t stress this one enough! A great leader does not just give orders– they let their team shine.
  11. “I promise to always bring my highest potential instead of a narrow perspective.” It is important to remember to have an open mind, especially when you are dealing with other people.
  12. “I promise to lead with empowerment and inspiration.” Always empower and inspire your team. Don’t just expect them to automatically be what you want them to be– empower them to reach their full potential.
  13. “I promise not only to lead but also to follow.” A good leader is a servant to the people. Remember that and you will go a very long way.
Of course, making a promise is only the first step! You have to actually follow through with each one you make. Knowing that you might slip up is okay– as long as you are actively trying to fulfill your end of the bargain (by being the best leader you can be).