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POPin Blog

The Value Of Crowd-Solving Collaboration On Campus

Universities are institutions devoted to serving the mission of higher education, but they often find it hard to get students, professors and administrators on the same page to agree on how to achieve that important mission. This disconnect is especially evident because the college community is spread out across so many diverse academic disciplines, departments, undergraduate programs, graduate schools, clubs and activities that make up a modern university. Everybody is working on something new, exciting and different, yet they share little common ground except for their school colors and fight songs. For this reason, POPin has launched a new higher education program that supports school faculty and administrators with our crowd-solving engagement platform. We feel strongly enough about this collegiate effort that we’ve created special volume pricing for faculty and administrators, with free software licenses for any students who use their campus email systems. The possibilities for improved collaboration span all aspects of university life. Professors can host crowd-solving sessions to ask students about their best ideas for class projects. Campus groups can ask members to vote on upcoming programs and activities. Chancellors can query department leaders about budget priorities. CIOs can work with technology teams to update computer and networking requirements on campus. Alumni groups can even use crowd-solving to brainstorm themes for their next class reunions. The list is nearly endless. Fundraising is another important area that can benefit from crowd-solved collaboration on campus. Annual-giving drives can implement POPin to come up with clever new ways to secure endorsements, grants and alumni donations. In all of these collaborative sessions, the best suggestions often come from unexpected sources who have lacked a voice to share their ideas in the past. Group decision-making not only leads to more imaginative problem-solving. As a result of leaders really listening to fellow students, faculty and administrators, these stakeholders become more motivated and engaged because their voices are finally being heard. In addition, POPin has launched The Nucleus, an exclusive new panel of over 60 senior executives from successful midsize enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. Select MBA and college entrepreneurship projects will get POPin access to this esteemed panel for real-world feedback from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. Colleges can even “custom brand” their POPin sessions by adding their unique school colors and logos to the software user interface. For more information about the POPin Education Program, please visit: https://popinnow.com/higher-education/