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POPin Blog

The Value of Engagement

If you ask any social media expert for advice, one of the first questions she will ask you is, “how is your engagement?” What? In social media lingo, engagement is something than can be tracked with a ratio of likes, comments, and followers. Here is an example: Account with 1,000 followers posts photo, receives 800 likes and 150 comments: Good engagement. Account with 1,000 followers posts photo, receives 50 likes and three comments: Bad engagement. Both accounts have a good number of followers, but one account’s followers are more enthusiastic and interactive with the photo. You can apply this same concept to your team. Does your team respond to ideas with enthusiasm and feedback, or do they passively acknowledge them without contributing? Do your employees even feel that they are a part of a team? The best organizations know that an engaged team creates the most effective initiatives, and prioritize engagement for these three reasons:
  1. An engaged team is one that is constantly in communication about upcoming projects and potential problems that could arise. With this open dialogue, the team can anticipate the future and collaborate to prepare for it. In the event that your organization takes a real blow and goes into an “emergency mode” of sorts, everyone in the team will have already been in the loop prior to the situation and be ready to plan the next steps.
  2. Employers are constantly seeking the best people for the job and often feel accomplished when they do. While there is nothing wrong in feeling proud of the talent you’ve hired, it is important to realize that there is not final step to this process. Keeping the team effective and engaged can and should be a daily priority. When your team is involved in a constant conversation, they are reminded of their commitment to the organization’s mission and the passion in their post.
  3. The culture of an organization is not to be overlooked, especially now that collaboration is more important than ever. Team members must instill a mutual respect for each other in order to work effectively together and execute new initiatives. When team members are engaging with each other’s ideas, they develop respect for their colleagues’ talents and unique voices.
Unfortunately, tracking team engagement is not as easy as using the social media ratio. Even meetings, in which a dedicated secretary can tally everyone’s contributions, still are not a fair solution to track and improve team engagement. Some people miss meetings, some people talk at meetings, and some people talk over people at meetings – so you’ll never pull accurate numbers from that. Enter POPin, an innovative platform that engages employees to anonymously contribute their feedback, concerns, and ideas, and brings this information (as well as the numbers) to the organization’s leaders. With POPin, leaders can engage their team without a dragging meeting or endless email chain. They can track the numbers, too, and use these to make goals to expand their reach of engagement. Engage your team today with POPin.