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The Value of Pain Sourcing

Engagement and progress come from within. It is up to each and every member of an organization to source out the pain points in order to make the company better. This means better engagement for the employees and a better product/service for the customers. There are a lot of reasons why illuminating the pain points is the smartest thing to do. Let’s discuss, shall we? 07Pain points exist everywhere. As much as we wish it were true, no one is perfect all the time. There is always room from improvement! Part of that improvement is learning to fully engage your team. One way to do that is provide a platform to talk through pain points. When everyone in the company– no matter what level in the organization– has a neutral voice, they are able to converse with their peers and voice their opinions in a respectful manner. This is also a great way to learn how other people within in the organization actually think. Basically you are helping to facilitate a change for the better. So after you figure out what your employees have to say, it’s time to turn to your customers. They are the ultimate reason for all the hard work. Michael Karp with Copytactics wrote four steps to finding your customer’s pain points:
  1. You determine what your audience is going through, what they’re struggling with.
  2. You prove to them that you understand it.
  3. You genuinely care about their problems and want to help them.
  4. You start with a surface-level issue they need solving, and you ask them “Why?” five times to pull out the pain points associated with it. (Kind of like when you were a kid, asking “Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?” to annoy your parents. Same deal, but with a much more profound purpose.)
  The main point to take away is that we want to figure out how to best please our customers. They should always be our top priority. Figuring out these things will help us on the road to bettering our company and the services and products we provide.