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Three Tried and True Ways to Ensure Your Next Change Initiative Rocks

You know us. The eternal optimists. There’s no problem we can’t solve without some positive energy and a lot of gumption (Cool word, right? We should use it more often.), so that’s why most of our musings tend to feature the ‘what to do’ to deal with a challenge. But with ‘Change Initiative’ garnering headlines and executive brain space, we couldn’t resist writing up a list of what NOT to do. Because there’s nothing more fun that running a perfectly good initiative into the ground. But first things first. Let’s level set. What exactly is a Change Initiative? Simply put, it’s about recognizing that if you want to change something within your organization, you need a plan. A really good plan.   And yes, it’s relatively easy to plan, and tragically, just as easy to fail when implementing. So, how can you ensure your next Change Initiative fails?
  1. Keep it to Yourself. Really, don’t share any info. In fact, we beg you to work on the project planning for months before sharing anything. And when you do, avoid providing context and definitely gloss over the details. No need to remind your teams about why the change is necessary either. We’re sure they’ll remember everything. As you progress through this process, be sure to communicate even less. Recipe for a definite win, right?
  2. Think Strategy, not Tactics. Big picture thinking gets it every time. Go to your offsite meeting, fill a room with your senior execs and focus on big picture. No need to worry about the mundane details such as an execution plan with those pesky tactics. Those will take care of themselves.
  3. Don’t have a Back-Up Plan. You’ve already spent so much time developing your Change Initiative, why waste energy on a back-up plan? Because of course, we know that things always go according to plan. Obstacles, setbacks and resistance? Not in your organization. No plan B needed here.
But in all seriousness, as companies fight for business growth, successful change initiatives are necessary and can create an extreme competitive advantage. A successful initiative can’t remain in a strategic planning state. There needs to be active engagement in its rollout and the all-important team buy-in to ensure its long-term success. Leveraging internal resources and teams to determine which business pain is most pressing is the most effective way to improve their organizational health, product cycles, internal communication, and more. PoPin provides an innovative way to do this with crowd sourcing and crowd solving. Involve your entire company in an easy and fast approach to problem solving.