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Three Tried and True Ways to Ensure Your Next Change Initiative Rocks

There’s nothing like returning to the scene of the crime. Afterall, it was only a few weeks ago that we gave our faithful readers some AMAZING tips on how to completely derail, fail and absolutely IMPLODE from the inside out. But today, friends, we’re here to encourage and cheer you on your ‘change initiative’ journey. Because we think with a great plan, committed leadership and an AWESOME change initiative management tool, you’re on the path to Rockstar status.
  1. Growth as the common goal.

Companies that treat growth just within the context of corporate strategy or business development group rarely create meaningful, serial growth. While their participation is important, such groups by themselves may not be spearhead serious new growth. Innovative growth also needs to include all levels as appropriate, as part of their day-to-day interaction with customers and the marketplace. There shouldn’t be a corporate unit in charge of growing new businesses. Instead, everyone at the company from the CEO on down should makes growth the central concern of every day’s decisions.

As the CEO or executive, make an effort to distribute both the responsibility and the opportunities to grow as widely as possible through your organization. That’s how unexpected champions can emerge from the ranks and ultimately propel some serious growth.

  1. Maverick quality vs. quantity.

We do love our mavericks. But our point here is that it’s much more effective to focus on small, maverick ideas, than lots of big ones. Why? Because maverick ideas tend to start a domino effect, spurring on more and more creativity and innovation. So, create a process finely tuned to encourage and support the right number of maverick ideas, winnowing them as needed to focus on those with real profit potential.

  1. Think customer & business innovation.

Most business leaders hear the word innovation and they quickly imagine how it relates to product and technology. We think your change initiative will be much more successful if you focus on customer and business innovation. Why? Because successful companies will learn from customers.   They’ll engage at every opportunity they can (using a PoPin session is ideal) and find out exactly why customers purchased from them rather than the competitor. And once companies gain consensus on that question, then they can start asking additional questions, such as, why consumers who don’t buy from us choose another brand? Then companies can start to come up with ideas for systematically removing them and that is the spark for customer-centric innovation in the downstream.