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The Value of Timeliness to the Market

One of the most iconic lines from modern television recalls a scene from the sitcom Parks and Recreation, in which a title character stares longingly at his laptop while whining, “this is America! I want it now!” As silly as this scene may seem, it is rooted in the truth of 21st century market culture. In a recent UMass Amherst study, internet users were willing to wait only two seconds for content to load, and the Washington Post reports that online shoppers are more impatient than ever to receive their packages. People carry these impatient attitudes with them, throughout all facets of their lives. Thus, it is important for companies to work with this effectively. Here are four benefits to being timely in today’s marketplace:
  • An established brand identity. Your brand’s identity builds every day, whether you’re moving or not. If your business decisions are static and unoriginal, your brand identity will correlate. The public may see you as a “second choice” or worse, not a good choice at all. However, if you present innovative solutions before the masses (and publicize them well!), you’ll gain a consistent following of those wondering what will they do next?
  • Media coverage. We’ve all heard the phrase “fifteen minutes of fame” describing the media’s tendency to quickly jump to the next hot story. In digital media, this phrase can be updated as “one minute of fame, max.” If you’re one of the first game-changers in your market, you’ll get the press coverage. Otherwise, by the time you come in, the media will already be covering another story. Media coverage correlates with the importance of brand identity that we were discussing earlier. Media coverage can help to promote your identity and project your mission to the public, setting the stage for future success.
  • Ahead in the distribution race. Whatever your organization’s creation is, it can probably be distributed fast in this day and age. Whether online or by mail delivery new creations and ideas spread quickly with the tools of the modern market. So, when others create something similar to yours, they will be able to reach your distribution level in no time. Delivering your product or service in a timely manner keeps you one step ahead in this race by allowing you to maintain and grow your base before other companies come to the playing field.
  • An ambitious team. Your team is not ignorant, and they will learn early on whether your company is a trendsetter or trend follower. Nothing is more disheartening to a creative team member to know that they working behind the progress of innovation. It may seem like everyone is coming to a consensus in terms of determining the next moves, but they might just be unenthusiastic about scrambling to catch up to the market. Game-changing individuals will look for workplaces where they can express their strengths.
Arrive on time. You can’t afford to arrive late in the 21st century marketplace. POPin can help. POPin is a platform that organizes team feedback and ideas for leaders. It’s completely online and mobile, making it convenient for team members to use in their free moments, and leaders to see in real-time. Groundbreaking leaders use POPin to quickly realize team members’ ideas. Try POPin and see how your team can communicate, innovate, and inspire.