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Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Team

No matter the size of your company, you will most likely have a team in place. And with that comes the responsibility of keeping them engaged and dedicated to the goals of the business. We came across a list of ways to manage your team by Steam Feed that we think can really help!
  • “Hire the Right Employees” So much unnecessary drama can be avoided if you start off with the right people on your side. Obviously the right skill sets are important, but the right attitude and personality are absolutely vital. Skill can be taught with the right training program and enough time. You can’t change someone’s whole outlook on life just because you wish it. When you’re deciding on the people you want on your team, you should pick people who are loyal, positive, and planning on staying for the long haul (basically choose the golden retrievers of the bunch). In the end, they will work harder for you and actually want to achieve long term goals with the company.
  • “Training and Development” Keeping with the golden retriever analogy, your employees have to be nurtured and engaged in order for them to thrive. When you create an environment that allows for growth and improvement, you’re engaging your team and fostering their desire to progress in their career. This is an essential practice in managing your team. If you are lacking skills in a certain area, it’s your job as the leader to identify and rectify the situation. Implement training programs to boost those skills and further develop other ones. Happy and engaged employees are far less likely to jump ship when you give them a space to grow.
  • “Manage Employee Performance” Simon with Steam Feed writes, “Staff appraisals and regular reviews are useful tools for managing employee performance.” We think that the most important of managing employee performance is to learn from them. They all have ideas and opinions that we as leaders should listen to. Receiving feedback is just as necessary as giving it. You should also consider bringing bonuses into the mix. When a potential bonus is on the line, your team will work hard to get it! If they meet certain targets and expectations, they’re eligible for a bonus, but if they do not meet those criteria– you can use it as a chance to talk to them about how you can help.
  • “Compensate Employees” This one is pretty obvious, right? Nothing in this consumerist world we live in is free. That includes people. We have to compensate our team for their hard work. Finding the right and fair amount of pay is necessary to showing our employees just how valued they are. When you find the right amount and throw in the right benefits, they will want to stay and thrive… and if not, they will move on to a place that will.
There is no set equation for success: X + Y = BIG WIN. It’s not always true. You have to find what works best for YOU and your ultimate goals. In the end, it’s about engaging with your team in the hopes of boosting their employee buy in. You want them to be happy because they will work harder and more productively.