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Tips and Tricks for Marvelous Meetings

Okay, let’s face it: meetings aren’t usually very fun. In fact, they can be tedious and often feel like a waste of time. In reality, these chunks of time we set up to meet with colleagues are supposed to be productive and collaborative. So, how do we get back to that? How do we make the most of our time, while still staying on track with our objectives? Entrepreneur.com compiled a list from ten different people on their favorite ways to make the most of meetings.
  1. “Plan ahead.” Set your agenda ahead of time to really give your employees to think things through and come up with comments and questions. This will allow for a streamlined process and your team is more likely to stick and stay to the agenda.
  2. “Be holistic.” Stories matter. The holistic approach is about making the time valuable for everyone. The idea is to collaborate on decisive planning and action.
  3. “Stand up.” Shake things up and do things differently every once and awhile. Maybe it’s just a quick morning meeting where you discuss daily or weekly objectives. Just think outside the box and make it both fun and efficient.
  4. “Make notes.” It’s best to designate one note taker each meeting and keep a record of meeting notes in order to stay organized and on task. It will definitely help keep all the action items orderly.
  5. “Get clear.” Make sure to clear away any confusion at the start of the meeting. Otherwise, anyone with an issue will focus on that instead of the meeting’s agenda. It could derail the whole process.
  6. “Clarify tasks.” Have each employee write down their tasks and to-do list items. Having that all in one places helps paint a much clearly, holistic picture of what’s going on.
  7. “Ask and listen.” If you’re trying to improve upon client-facing meetings, try not sticking so closely to an agenda. Not all clients want that– some just want to ask questions and figure out the answers together. Listen to what it is they want and act accordingly. Try not to be so rigid.
  8. “Do lunch.” Along the same lines of shaking things up with a standing meeting, try a lunch meeting. Keep it small and intimate– maybe 4 or 5 people– and grab lunch while you chat about objectives or progress. It’s a great use of your time and you get to have lunch, which is great in and of itself.
  9. “Constrain them.” Don’t let the meetings run over time. Time is precious and no one wants to sit for an hour and a half for a 30 minute meeting. At a certain point, people just start checking out and no work will get done. Front load your meetings with questions answered and clear action items.
  10. “Stay on task.” This is so important. Don’t let your meeting get derailed by side projects and conversations that aren’t vital to that specific meeting agenda. Stick to the topic and things will run smoothly.
So, what do you think? Are you ready to try out these tips and improve your meetings in order to increase collaboration and productivity?