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POPin Blog

Tis’ The Season

Tis’ the Season! The end-of-year blitz. The onslaught of “noise”. The bonanza of over communication. No, we’re not talking about THAT season. We’re talking about the end- of-year season of external data reports and surveys.   We wait with baited breath for the latest findings, opinions and recommendations from a plethora of business touchstones. Forrester, Kantar, Forbes, CIO, Nielsen, Gartner and IDC, etc….all offer up published and association-driven surveys and report findings. Gallup’s latest measure of Americans’ Christmas spending plans finds U.S. adults projecting they will spend an average of $720 on gifts this year, up slightly from their $704 estimate in November 2013, pointing to an OK holiday season for retailers. Gartner’s Top Ten Strategic Technology Trends in 2015 highlighted ‘computing everywhere’ and risk-based security. Sterling Rice Group’s list of “Trendiest Foods of 2015” (‘matcha’ anyone?) was just released to an avalanche of social media buzz and has the food industry shifting their culinary gears in the New Year. Noise and more noise. But, don’t get us wrong, we read them too. Though, it does make us wonder….why such interest in EXTERNAL sources, when you often have a goldmine of INTERNAL sources? Your employees, your customers, your partners….existing resources that just beg to be leveraged!   Standard surveys and market reports still play an important role in gaining valuable insight, but why not gain that insight from your teams? This is the essence of POPin. So those standard surveys? Helpful, certainly, but they don’t provide the ability to comment and vote on specific issues. POPin will allow you to pre-populate the issues then go straight to CrowdSolving for your team’s feedback in both ratings and commentary. Research results? Great, fantastic and helpful too. But think about laser focus. The success of your partner, customer support, service and even sales program is about gauging the voice of YOUR partners and customers. Leveraging internal resources and teams to determine which business pain is most pressing is the most effective way to make improvements to your organization. POPin provides an innovative way to do this with crowd sourcing and crowd solving. Involve your entire company in an easy and fast approach to problem solving.