Town Hall Meetings Bridge the Gap

Between Management and Employees

Launch a Session

Leaders Need Followers

Town hall meetings communicate to the masses

Leaders use town hall meetings to communicate with the entire organization for everything from weekly or quarterly updates to new strategy rollouts or even assimilating mergers/acquisitions. Ensuring half the audience doesn’t “tune out” during the presentation is a function of your understanding of their expectations.

POPin Builds Trust

Uncover what is top of mind for your team

Bad meetings have plagued companies for years. Understanding your audience expectations ahead of time, tapping into it during the meeting and following up after ensures success. POPin allows you to not just talk to the audience but converse effectively with the crowd.

Scoring Alignment

POPin dashboards show trends

Knowing if there is progress over time when communicating with large groups can be daunting. Post event surveys can skew reality, so POPin dashboards will highlight not just reactions but specific feedback as well for deeper analysis.