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How Is Townhall an Effective Communication Strategy?

Have you ever sat through a three-hour long meeting and walked out feeling like your questions still haven’t been answered? Your employees have- and they’re frustrated. It can be even more frustrating to lead a meeting where your well thought out plans and ideas are met with blank faces and no quality feedback. Ineffective communication with your employees bars productivity and encourages passive resistance in your company. When clear, direct and open lines of communication don’t exist within your workspace, it’s impossible to have a meeting where everyone leaves feeling satisfied and excited to get to work. Enter Townhall, our solution for effective communication strategies. Keep reading to learn how Townhall can help you grow your company’s productivity. Anonymity Encourages Honesty The words “confidential” and “anonymous” are often interchanged when it comes to the workplace, health and medical records, or focus groups. The truth is- they’re not. How each of these words affect human behavior involves some basic psychological principles. The distinction is important for you to consider when trying to implement more effective communication strategies. Townhall is an anonymous crowdsourcing platform. That means none of your employees’ personal information will be linked to their questions and concerns logged on the application. In a confidential platform, you’re able to trace your employees’ information back to their input. The anonymity encourages honesty, because let’s face it: when we have negative feedback about a workplace process or coworker, it can be hard to voice it for fear of getting reprimanded. The New Comment Card Comment cards- good idea, bad execution. You need a better, more professional platform for your employees to communicate with you honestly and openly. Paper and pen are- let’s face it- retro. Townhall allows your employees to ask honest questions on their device in preparation for your next meeting- it’s easy and seamless. That forum is valuable. If you’re a boss without an open-door policy, it can be intimidating for an employee to find time in your day to voice their concerns. That leads to unanswered questions, which leads to unhappy employees and slowed productivity. Meetings Become a Highlight The word “meeting” usually produces a less than enthusiastic response from employee and manager alike. They’re long, boring, and not super helpful. Right? Not anymore. The Townhall program sparks real conversation, which leads to interesting and engaging meetings for all present. Hot topics will be discussed, because they’ll be provided for you by your employees themselves. It won’t feel like you’re fishing for feedback, or asking “Bueller?” to a sea of blank faces anymore. Imagine engaged and excited employees, ready to make their workplace better, rather than glazed eyes and, well, this. All thanks to a positive communication platform! Effective Communication Strategies: Do You Have Them? What are your meetings like? Are they bright and productive, or slow and quiet? The key to better performance is clear communication. Your employees want to work in a safe space where they feel comfortable voicing concerns and questions. That makes people feel valued, and guess what: questions lead to answers. Answers lead to clear and concise direction, which leads to improved productivity. And that’s the goal here, isn’t it? Have questions? Read more about our Townhall solution for, and try it today!