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How Does Townhall Utilize Employee Feedback?

Productivity only thrives in the workplace when the whole team is on the same page. But not every employee openly voices their concerns or issues. Management has always tried to find ways to entice their employees to speak up about the team and their job. A great way to engage team members is to utilize a program such as Townhall. This platform presents questions in company meetings that employees submit anonymously. When it’s time to host that regular company meeting, here’s how Townhall utilizes employee feedback. Townhall Has a Simple Q&A Platform The way Townhall works is efficient for you and your employees. Townhall hosts a simple Q&A session, with the questions created by your team. These questions are presented in an anonymous manner. When viewing these questions, you can conveniently download Townhall as an app to your tablet device. Your team can also access the meeting if they have the app. Townhall helps your meetings run smoothly and effectively, so all concerns are addressed in a convenient manner. All Employees Have a Say The employees who feel bolder are the ones who pose questions and suggest improvements. But there are a large set of employees who feel intimidated when expressing their concerns. Townhall’s platform is anonymous, so no one has to be forced into an uncomfortable position. Since the questions are created by the team, everyone has a chance to express themselves. Teams Can Collaborate on Questions and Issues If one employee has a question or issue, chances are several employees have the same uncertainty. Yet, workers still feel ashamed when it comes to expressing concern in the workplace. Before a meeting, you can ask your team to gather and collaborate on a set of questions and concerns. This way, your team can drive the meeting the way in which they feel is most productive. By having your team collaborate, your employees won’t feel singled out when they ask questions or express uncertainty. Your team can openly share their thoughts and feelings amongst each other, and employee feedback will improve. Townhall Encourages Sensitivity and Productivity When leaders read employee feedback, they’re encouraged to approach their answer with sensitivity. They engage with Townhall because they want to improve the company, and leadership is included. The three keys to understanding Townhall is: uncover, understand, and accelerate. With Townhall, you’ll be able to uncover what your employees are truly feeling and what questions they have. You’ll be able to understand their concern and collaborate on a solution. And from there, performance is increased. Use Townhall to Utilize Employee Feedback Every leader wants each meeting to result in new ideas and better solutions. But your employees might have thoughts and ideas you never knew. It’s important to give your team platform to where they will feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and questions. Townhall helps you connect better with your team so you can focus on improving internally. If you’re interested in using Townhall for your next meeting, get more information today!