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Trust in the Workplace: How to Build it & Why You Must

Did you know that trust in the workplace is just as important as building trust in personal relationships? It’s critical to foster a workplace environment in which everyone feels supported and productive. But how exactly do you build the trust that really matters in your company in order to maximize efficiency and employee satisfaction? In this post, we look at how to build trust in the workplace in effective ways. We’ll also discuss why this matters to your company today. 1. Embrace the power of mistakes It can be hard to admit that you’ve made a mistake. However, doing so can actually demonstrate signs of strong leadership. Having a growth mindset means that you see mistakes as opportunities to learn, rather than signs of downfall. Creating an environment in which mistakes are encouraged rather than penalized will go far in building trust overall. 2. Be transparent from the get-go Honesty really is the best policy. This is the best place to start when it comes to building trust in the workplace. From the beginning, be transparent about everything. Encourage clear and concise communication. Hold workshops and discussions about how to have honest exchanges in your workplace. Create the standard that honesty grounds every action. 3. Take responsibility Nothing builds community stronger than a leader who takes responsibility for the team. If you are leading a group of individuals, be transparent in your feedback. Demonstrate that you see yourself as part of the team and not apart from it. This may mean taking responsibility for mistakes your team makes. 4. Ask for feedback Employees love it when leaders also demonstrate that they are learning with them. Asking for feedback and consistent response shows your employees that you value their opinions and view them as colleagues, not just components of a team. Once you do receive feedback, act on it. Demonstrate that you are willing to listen to feedback and implement change. 5. Praise specific achievements Specific praise is more likely to resonate with employees than general praise. Highlight very specific achievements in your team and praise these for their outcome. Giving your employees the credit where and when it’s due will go far in building a sense of collaboration and trust. Why This Matters Trust is closely linked to company success and effective management. Employees are more likely to stay longer within a company and perform better if they trust their managers. They will also feel as if they are part of an honest, growth-oriented value system. By being transparent at the start, asking for feedback, and giving your employees credit, you can quickly build the trust that your company needs for ultimate success. At POPIn, we are invested in helping leaders achieve goals and teams do the work that will make them successful. We give your employees a voice and help you answer the most difficult business questions that arise in your organization. Check out the customers who have benefited from our service already. Then, consider how POPIn can assist your company today.