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POPin Blog

Why Trusting Employees Are Crucial to Your Success

Developing your workplace into a happy, well-oiled machine is not an easy task. Many managers have trouble getting through to their employees. This makes them ineffective, unproductive leaders. The key is to change your managerial approach to foster a more trusting environment and in turn creating trusting employees.

Empowered Employees are Easier to Lead

The fact is, employees who feel their superiors trust them and respect their work are more likely to want to come in every day. Many employees, especially those belonging to a younger generation, are no longer receptive to authoritarian tactics in the workplace. They want to feel like their presence in the office has a purpose. When you work to build trust with your employees, you not only show them that you care about the work they do, but that you care about them. This makes them easier to lead because they feel much more confident in your leadership. That is the point of trying to build a trusting relationship with all of your employees. If you show that you trust them with certain responsibilities, they will trust you to make the right decisions. Especially in a crisis.

Trusting Employees Results in More Workplace Satisfaction

When employees are dissatisfied with executive leadership, their discontent manifests itself in the work that they do and the way they interact with others in the workplace. There is no amount of team-building or company retreats that can fix this issue. If they are not confident in the direction leadership is taking the company, they will likely start looking for a way out. If employees feel like they are taken care of and in good hands, they will be more likely to stay in their position, greatly reducing costs associated with turnover and training new employees.

How to Build Trust With Your Employees

There are many ways to achieve a long-term trusting relationship with your employees. First, do not be afraid to give employees more responsibility. Delegate wisely, and let your employees know that you believe in their ability to complete extra tasks successfully. Second, keep your emotions under control. When something goes wrong, be the level-headed one. Show your employees that you can stay calm under fire, and they will respect your leadership abilities. Third, never belittle your employees. If they make a mistake, ensure they are aware of it. Give them the guidance to never make that same mistake again. Although it’s important for employees to be accountable for mistakes in the workplace, leading with fear is not sustainable. Your employees will grow to resent you and the decisions you make, and their work will surely suffer. When superiors and subordinates trust each other’s ability to get the job done, it creates a much more positive atmosphere. This positivity directly leads to more profit and less turnover. Keeping your employees happy and engaged is key to long-term success. Find out more about how you can have a more open dialogue with your employees.