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The Ultimate Feedback Action Plan: 5 Ways to Create It

Do you know what your employees actually want? Creating surveys is a great way to find out employee opinions. Not every survey will give you the valuable feedback you need. One study finds only 22% of businesses receive positive results from their current surveys. Surveys that are too broad won’t give you actionable insights. Surveys that are too specific don’t give you the full picture of how employees feel. It’s important that employees know their opinion matters. Understanding what employees want is important creates a better workplace. Following through with surveys shows you stick to your promises. Employees that see no changes don’t think their opinions matter. In this article, you’ll learn how to create the ultimate feedback action plan.
  1. Decide Which Questions to Ask
Every business owner knows that time equals money. Why waste valuable work hours on questions you don’t care about? Lose the filler questions and stick to what matters for your business. Have you heard workers hate the new insurance plans? Use a survey to tailor questions towards insurance preferences. A cookie cutter survey won’t always get to the heart of every workplace issue.
  1. Let Employees Know Feedback Is Anonymous
Many employees are hesitant to give negative feedback about their workplace. No one wants to live in fear of retaliation because of their opinion. A business owner must be ready to handle criticisms. You may find out that a big employee problem is easy for you to fix. Receiving answers that employees think you want to hear won’t help a business. Total anonymity is a must for workers to voice their true opinions.
  1. Ask Probing Questions
Not every workplace problem gets answered through filling in a bubble. It’s important to have employees answer certain questions in their own words. Many standard surveys ask if an employee agrees or disagrees with an issue. You can’t create a proper feedback action plan without having open ended questions. Employees need to feel engaged in company matters. Having engaged employees is beneficial to every business.
  1. Discuss Results of Feedback Action Plan with Employees
A group meeting is a perfect way to discuss feedback results. Surveys should be anonymous which means this must take place in a group setting. Find out what your workers thought about the survey results. Find out what issues are the most important to your workers. Ask employees what they feel needs to take place to correct workplace problems.
  1. Keep Employees Informed of Changes Along the Way
Don’t be the business owner that ignores the results of a feedback action plan. It’s wise to keep employees informed of your progress as a business owner. Send employees emails to let them know the progress you’re making. It’s best to send these emails weekly, you don’t want to overfill workplace inboxes. Sadly, 52% of managers take no action after reviewing surveys. Show your employees you’re a manager that cares by taking action. Keeping employees informed of your actions lets them know their opinions matter. Do you need help creating a feedback action plan? POPin creates workplace pulse surveys that provide your business with actionable insights.