Did The Team Understand the Message?

This Isn't Just a Yes Or No Question

Critical Conversations for Success in Communications

Ask these questions and your teams answers will be your competitive advantage.

Did a Message Land

Ask: "Please rate how well the topics were covered in today’s meetings and give context on where you need more clarity."

Better Communications

Ask: "What one thing should we do to improve intra organizational communications?"

Validating Beliefs

Ask: "I understand how the (specific) message delivered applies to me. Do you agree? Tell me why."

You Ask

Estimated Time: 1-2 Minutes for the leader

Ask a question to any sized group of employees, clients or partner.

They Solve

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes For each participant

The group will anonymously brainstorm answers to your question together while publicly voting like or dislike on each response

We Improve

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes for the leader

The voting creates a report of the best answers on how to improve that is created in a collaborative manner driving buy-in and adoption for the improvement.

Understand in Seconds

With POPin, you get anonymous answers from the team in their words, not yours.  In a normal survey, this could be hundreds of pages of answers, which can be incredibly overwhelming to consume.  POPin leverages voting, allowing you to understand the top answers in seconds.

Improve Buy-In with Better Meetings

Learn how Western Asset Management was able to improve buy-in and provide clarity with POPin for Town Halls and POPin for Meetings

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Grab Your Cape

Leaders want more than a survey score.  They want to understand how to improve it.  POPin quickly facilitates an honest conversation with any size team to deliver data driven guidance on how to improve.