Source Exactly How To Improve a 

Leader's Engagement Scores in 24 Hours 

Never Try to Interpret a Survey Score Again

You Ask

They Solve

We Improve

Estimated Time: 1-2 Minutes for the leader

Ask a question to any sized group of employees, clients or partner.

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes For each participant

The group will anonymously brainstorm answers to your question together while publicly voting like or dislike on each response

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes for the leader

The voting creates a report of the best answers on how to improve that is created in a collaborative manner driving buy-in and adoption for the improvement.

Critical Conversations to Build Morale

Your team's answers to these questions will be your competitive advantage.

Grassroots Recognition

Tackling Low Scores

Improve Retention

Ask: "Describe a standout performance by a team member that deserves further awareness and applause."

Ask: "*Insert topic* came back as an issue in our engagement survey for our department. Please suggest one thing we can do to overcome these issues"

Ask: "What one thing can we do to better utilize your skills and abilities to maximize your job satisfaction?"

Understand in Seconds

With POPin, you get anonymous answers from the team in their words, not yours. In a normal survey, this could be hundreds of pages of answers, which can be incredibly overwhelming to consume. POPin leverages voting, allowing you to understand the top answers in seconds.

8% Increase In Org Health Scores

Learn how Jacobs Engineering, a Fortune 500 global technology business with over 74,000 employees, was able to improve organizational health scores, as measured by McKinsey, by 8% in just 6 months

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Grab Your Cape

Leaders want more than a survey score.  They want to understand how to improve it.  POPin quickly facilitates an honest conversation with any size team to deliver data driven guidance on how to improve.