Got a Rollout? Get Adoption

Whether it's products, strategies or projects....make it what 

they want so you get what you want - a successful rollout

Make Them Want It

Be a Success

The people that will use the product, tool or process can tell you if what you are building will work. With POPin, they can they score your likelihood of success so you have a data point to report. But more importantly, they will tell you HOW you can make it something they will actually you can be a success.

Improvements to Increase Adoption

Your team's answers to these questions will be your competitive advantage.

Predicting Rollout Success

Getting Back on Track

Improving Version 2.0

Ask: "Please rate the likelihood of success for our new rollout and suggest one thing we could do to strengthen its adoption."

Ask: "Please rate your current level of confidence in the state of the project and suggest one thing we could do to get it back on track."

Ask: "What one thing can we do in the next version of the rollout to make it better for you?"

$3 Million Program Recovered

Learn how CRH, North America's largest manufacturer of building products and materials, was able to get a $3,000,000 program back on track with POPin

Be a Hero

Sometimes rollouts can go off track or jump off the rails completely. You can be the one to fix it!  Leverage POPin's anonymous crowdsourcing to find out what's really going on. More importantly, use it to discover the solution to getting the rollout back on track so you can be the hero.  

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Data-Driven Guidance

Leaders want more than a survey score.  They want to understand how to improve it.  POPin quickly facilitates an honest conversation with any size team to deliver data driven guidance on how to improve.