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Launch a quick multiple choice, rating or scale (1-5) poll to get a quick consensus.

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Use POPin to ask multi-question surveys with robust reporting to drive employee engagement.

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Have an honest conversation by allowing your participants to see, comment and vote on each other's answers to your question.

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Live Event

Engage your audience by presenting their ideas during your live meeting or event.

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POPin Live

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Want to learn more about POPin Live?

Check out our most recent product webinar with a demo of POPin Live.

Now Introducing: POPin Live

POPin Live is intended for a live meeting or event as a way to present the results of your POPin and engage your audience.

What is POPin?

POPin lets you ask your team questions in order to solve problems, create trust or provide clarity.

Your team gets to respond anonymously and can interact with each others answers, through voting and comments.

POPin is a survey tool that allows you to have honest conversations with your team through anonymous crowdsourcing. 

Ask any kind of POPin question, 1-5 rating, open-ended, yes/no or multiple choice and present a clear dynamic graphic of your results to your audience members. 

How does POPin Live work?

Did You Know? 71% of senior managers said meetings are unproductive and inefficient. 62% said meetings miss opportunities to bring the team closer together.