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POPin Blog

The Value of Active Support

All over the world, companies are channeling their team members’ interests to drive revenue with their dedication and ambition. Consider the Winco Foods grocery store that is employee-owned and operated. It’s a great company in which employees are happily motivated to succeed, as Winco’s success translates to greater stock value for them. One of our favorite companies is Red Robin, which uses POPin to engage with team members on every level. When everyone on the team is excited to work towards the success of an organization, amazing things can happen, including:

Minimal disruptions

What better than to halt team progress than a petty argument or a disengaged employee? These small blips may seem like just that – blips, but they do add up. Frequent disruptions make your team lose focus and ambition on the task at hand. Want to establish active support? It goes both ways, so it is important for management to take responsibility for supporting their team members, too. In a workplace where everyone feels supported, distractions will take less time and energy to address, so that the team can move forward effectively and efficiently.

Unparalleled progress

When your team is actively supporting your organization’s mission, they will achieve record-breaking heights. People work harder when they feel that they are a part of the greater progress of the mission. Your team should be valued (and know it!) if you expect them to make meaningful progress. Our tip for leaders? Write regular thank-you notes to team members, and be specific about their accomplishments and impact. People should be allowed and encouraged to take pride in their work, and establishing a network of support will do just that.

A strong identity

In a saturated market, it is critically important that organizations project a unique brand image that the entire team can get behind. If your employees are channeling their ambition in different directions, or not at all, your company mission will fall flat. A strong identity centers everyone’s energy and delivers an insightful service to the client. A strong identity cannot happen without the input and voice of every employee, not just leadership. Your clients will feel the difference when your team is passively working under a goal imposed on them, rather than actively engaging with a mission developed by them.

A consistent dialogue

When everyone is engaged in an active conversation, the team makes the best decisions quickly and implements them effectively. Groundbreaking ideas emerge from an environment in which everyone feels supported, and these are the very ideas that will take your company to the next level. Passive? Not a chance. Get everyone on board and inspired with POPin. POPin is an easy-to-use platform that tracks employee feedback and ideas anonymously, then delivers them to leaders with feedback as to what matters require the most attention. Use POPin to ignite a dialogue and address disruptions, so that your team can chart game-changing progress and develop pride in their work.