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Where is Your Team on the Corporate Attitude Scale?

Musical scales, food scales, ordinal scales, the scales of justice and attitude scale. Wait, not sure what we mean by ‘attitude scale?’ We’ll quote a fave, Merriam Webster and say it’s “a measure of the relative quantity of an attitude possessed by an individual as contrasted with a reference group.” Ok, fair enough. But have you heard that there’s also a ‘corporate attitude scale.’ Ranging from apathetic to engaged, it can help you determine the organizational health of your team. See if you can figure out where your employees fit in this scale.
  1. Apathetic: The dearth of any company. These folks are primarily digital natives but actively disengaged and usually passive aggressive (if not actively negative). For example, they ignore emails because they don’t directly apply to them, or push people who ask questions in any direction away from them possible and they give great effort into dodging work than doing it. They might dawdle, they might rush through tasks, they let things slide and don’t seem remotely interested in impressing anyone.
  1. Entitled: This group is primarily digital natives but their lack of experience combined with unrealistic expectations leads to entitlement. An environment of ‘entitlement’ is about security, bureaucracy, top down and status quo versus a continuous improvement climate where everyone is constantly seeking ways to improve on their outputs.
  1. 8-5ers: They’re just in it for a paycheck. This group is absolutely ok with being ok. They’ll avoid risk, take the easy way out, give up and settling for mediocre results. Good enough is fine. Average is acceptable and going the extra mile sounds exhausting.
  1. Curious: Now it’s getting interesting. The Curious want to be involved and engaged. They generally have a positive attitude and want to contribute and succeed. The challenge for them is that they aren’t quite sure HOW to engage in a way that’s meaningful and impactful. There’s definitely some hesitation, especially if it involves jumping in with both feet
  1. Engaged: These are your winners. They take responsibility for their own engagement and don’t feel entitled. They are actively working towards a mutual win within the company. They are enthusiastic, solution and team oriented. They’re generally optimistic and have a passion for learning. They’ll asks “Why not?” instead of simply saying, “That won’t work.” They take initiative and responsibility and pass along credit but accept blame
So, how did your team do? If you’ve got mostly 4’s and 5’s, pat yourself on the back and congratulate your awesome team. If you got 1s, 2s, and 3s, we think it’s time for a PoPinNow session!