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POPin Blog

Why Are Your Employees Quitting?

In 2012, Harvard University did a study on employee turnover. This is a facet of business that plagues most companies at one time or another, and Harvard wanted to find out why. What they found was alarming. Their results indicate that 80% of employee turnover stems from mistakes made during the hiring process. Do you know why your employees quit? Maybe an even better question is whether you know what mistakes you’ve made that would lead to loosing the people you hired? It’s not a surprise that people are your organization’s greatest asset. They drive business forward and are a powerful force to be reckoned with in the organization. It makes sense that leadership should be focused on ensuring their happiness. Not only does it make your people more productive, but it also makes sense financially. The cost of replacing and retaining an employee with a $60k salary can be upwards of $30k-$45k. That’s a lot of additional expense on top of wages and benefits. If you could avoid those additional costs, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to do so? Recruiting and retaining top talent is the key to this- and it’s paramount to your success. Most employees have critical success activities that help them decide how long to stay at a company. They have expectations of their job, hopes for how they will make a difference, and expectancies on how the company will be run. It’s important for management to understand what these are and work towards aligning these expectations with the reality of their organization. Discovering what those critical success activities are is the first step in retaining the great people you hired. Once leaders have identified these activities, they need to engage with employees to improve retention, reduce acquisition expenses, and help increase employee productivity. When you ask employees for their opinions and make them feel valued, they will tell you what they think. Ask them how they’d solve retention problems, and you’ll get gold back. The reality is that your employees’ opinions will help you continuously improve your recruiting messaging and help you identify issues that might drive people to quit. At POPin, we know employee retention will improve and result in action-oriented take aways when you leverage the opinions of those already in your organization. You just need to discover those critical activities, share accountability for solving retention problems, and then engage with your workforce. Find out how to do this today.