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POPin Blog

Working For The Weekend?

“Uh-oh! Looks like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!” We can never pass up an opportunity to quote from our beloved “Office Space.” But here we are on a Monday and we’re feeling great. We love our company, our colleagues and think the work we do is pretty amazing stuff. We’re just as happy on a Saturday as we are a Monday morning. But sadly, we know we are in the minority. In fact, a new study has found that, in general, people who hate their job ‘work for the weekend.’ Other more satisfied workers aren’t really any happier on the weekend than they are in the office. The four year survey shows the emotions people go through during the week, and, in something researchers call the Weekend Effect, most feel pretty good on Saturdays and Sundays and just plain down in the dumps during the week. Of course, there are those of us that don’t really experience the Weekend Effect. In fact, we’d probably say we experience the same amount of enjoyment and actually have less laughter on weekends (we’re guessing it’s the errands, kids and laundry effect). But let’s go back to the folks ‘working for the weekend.’ Is there a way to change things up? Well, you know how we feel about the linkage between employee engagement and employee morale. Countless studies and reports tout the full blown benefits of a corporate culture built on a foundation of employee engagement and inclusion. But what about today, on this bright Monday morning? Are there things business leaders can do NOW to make the work week happier and just more fun for their employees? Here are a few outside-the-box ideas:
  1. Install Ping Pong tables:
These days it’s all about ping pong. This bit of gentle exercise is great for creativity and motivation. Taking a break from working also means the time you do spend working will be more productive. It also creates a fun environment for co-workers to get to know each other away from the working environment. So if your office has the room, we say go for it.
  1. Install a chalkboard wall:
Between the ping-pong and chalkboard, it may sound like we’re regressing to our middle school days. But having a chalkboard wall not only encourages collaboration within the working environment, but also allows workers to release their creativity in an old-school way. In-office chalkboards are not only cheap, but they also provide a talking point for respective clients or visitors to your office.
  1. Change of Scenery:
When the weather is nice, hold meetings in a park. Have lunch outside on a sunny day. Take a walk with your team. A change of scenery will bring a change of attitude.
  1. Helping Others:
Whether you choose a program such as “Meals on Wheels” or have a response team when disaster strikes, nothing brings people together quite like giving back. Take suggestions from your employees on what they would like to do either on their own or as a company to make the world around them a better place. 5.  Engage the Team: Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting the team involved in what the company is doing.  Sometimes it’s just as simple as asking your team what they need to alleviate their pain.  Try POPin for just that.