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How Workplace Communication Issues Can Inhibit Success

Picture this: You ask an employee to send an email for you. He misunderstands your directions on which document to grab and ends up sending the wrong thing to the wrong person. No big deal, right? You can just call the person on the receiving end and explain the mistake. Wrong. Turns out, the employee sent classified data that should have never left your office door. Now, a potentially embarrassing situation just got a lot more serious. Workplace communication issues are nothing to scoff at. When left unaddressed, they can hinder success and introduce a slew of vulnerabilities into your workplace that compromise performance — and your company name. Today, we’re taking a look at a few reasons why it’s important to ensure clear communication across business channels. Even the most minor mishap can carry significant consequences. Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

Workplace Communication Issues Breed Dissent

No one likes to work on a project only to find out that it needs to be redone because the instructions were vague. When wires get crossed and employees aren’t fully aware of what’s expected of them, it can result in a ton of rework. It can also create some pretty uncomfortable working environments. As business leaders, you want your employees to get along. It not only makes Potluck Friday less awkward. It also motivates them to work together toward successful projects. When they’re happier, their productivity is higher and efficiency peaks. On the other hand, when departments are constantly working with unclear orders, what starts as a small annoyance can quickly snowball into major unsatisfaction. Did you know disgruntled employees can cost your company millions in settlements and lost revenues? Nip those workplace communication issues in the bud and protect your morale — and your bottom line.

Missed Deliverables Weaken Your Brand Image

One employee believes a project is due Thursday. Another swears the deadline was Wednesday. Guess what? It was Tuesday and you may have just lost yourself a high-profile client. When workplace communication issues arise, they immediately compromise your teams’ ability to deliver on customer expectations. Unless everyone is in the know, you risk your clients being left in the dark, and that’s not a position you want to be in. One way to improve coordination? Invest in leadership tools that help you monitor project performance and immediately engage employees as soon as a question or issue arises. That way, you’re always up-to-date on who’s ready to roll with an assignment, and who needs a little more clarification.

Improving Understanding and Maximizing Performance

Your most important company asset is your workforce. As such, it’s important that they work together to the best extent possible. The quickest way to disrupt that happy office? Introduce a bunch of confusing and ambiguous commands in there! Then watch as one blunder sets off a domino effect and soon everyone is second-guessing everything. Engage your employees frequently to clear up any confusion. Listen to what they’re saying so you can improve your leadership and communication skills. Need a little help getting there? Our POPin tool lets you check-in from anywhere, so you never miss a chance to connect with your team. Try it out today and see for yourself how one little investment can mean huge strides toward improved workplace success!