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3 Distinct Methods

crowdsourcing can be used for just about anything.  While that can be fun, it isn’t why we created it.  We made it because plans never go the way they should and we want to minimize uncertainties and improve workflows.

Crowdsourcing can help you predict roadblocks, increase alignment and optimize workflows.

We created methods to use crowdsourcing to help companies, leaders, and teams accomplish their goals. Each method is designed to help you solve and improve different problems and processes, even though they all use POPin's crowdsourcing platform each method has different purpose and therefore is measured differently and involves different steps.

Depending on your position in a company and what your needs may be, you can choose which method fits you. We are here to guide and help you choose the right method for your company and position.

The CLR Method

We developed the CLR method for leaders who needs to keep track of Alignment/Buy-in of their team

Leaders are responsible for setting vision and motivating teams to execute on the organization’s plan. Yet most leaders don’t know if employees are on board, until they clearly aren’t.  Many leaders believe they’re exceptional communicators but have no idea what employees think.  Gaining buy-in to your plan requires constant communication, listening, and reinforcing that employee voices matter.  This methodology enables leaders to build a team culture of collaboration and engagement which will lead to great results.

Measure employee understanding and buy-in to decisions to:

  • Ensure meaningful adoption of your plan or direction
  • Gauge employee buy-in
  • Communicate regularly across the organization
  • Understand employee connectedness to organizational goals/objectives
  • Consistently evaluate progress/improvement
  • Demonstrate to employees that leadership values employee input/concerns

For: Leaders

Measure: Alignment/Buy-in








The ISR Method

We developed the ISR method for local and distributed teams who needs to be more proactive.

Regardless the size of your team or the business you are in, if you work with people you spend a lot of time solving problems.  The question isn’t if you will encounter problems, but when.  Teams that can quickly identify a problem and work together to resolve it win in the market.This methodology can help any size team accelerate removing roadblocks that prevent progress, and in the process build a collaborative work environment.This proven approach will galvanize your team and brace it for the inevitable next punch.

  • Foster a culture of collaboration
  • Quickly identify and remove obstacles as a team
  • Leverage experience and insights of team /people doing the work
  • Redefine how you want to work as a team

For: Local/Distributed Teams

Measure: Proactive Improvement








The POP Method

We developed the POP method to help with strategic planning

Strategic planning is essential to the business, but it’s time consuming and often painful. Deciding where to make critical investments in the business involves trade-offs and compromises that can be divisive for leadership teams.  This methodology enables leaders to accelerate the strategic planning process and develop a plan the team can get behind.

  • Accelerate strategic planning
  • Transparency
  • Clarity

For: Strategic Planning

Measure: Strategic Decisions








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