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Leverage Your Team to Solve Any Problem

Teams that can quickly identify a problem and work together to resolve it win in the market. The I.S.R methodology can help any size team accelerate moving roadblocks that prevent progress, and in the process build a collaborative work environment.

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Improve Buy-in and Communication

Gaining buy-in to your plan requires constant communication, listening, and reinforcing that employee voices matter.  The C.L.R methodology enables leaders to build a team culture of collaboration and engagement which will lead to great results.

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Make Better Strategic Decisions

Strategic planning is essential to the business, but it’s time consuming and often painful. The P.O.P Method enables leaders to accelerate the strategic planning process and develop a plan the team can get behind.

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POP in and join more than 6800 companies

More than 6800 companies have used POPin to solve everyday business problems with the power of crowdsourcing

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What People Say About Us

“Jacobs has reestablished a culture of trust in the organization that enables the team to better navigate complex business challenges.”

Barbie Bigelow
CIO, Jacobs Engineering
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“POPin gave us new insight into our process, and prioritized the issues causing the most pain so we could focus on the changes that would deliver the most value to users.”

Tom Birdsall
Vice President of IT, Macerich
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“By utilizing POPin to engage in two-way dialogue, we were able to transform our data and process-centric organization into a client-centric.”

David Claussen
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"It was really validating for me as an instructor to know my students could really grasp and apply the material."

Josh Kitchens
Director Archival Studies, Clayton State University
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"We use POPin to engage our nursing staff, in fact all of our employees, to ensure our site is the best place to work."

Dr. Tina Johnson
COO, Lutheran Medical Center
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