Working Remote ≠ Being Isolated

Collaborate as a remote team through Crowdsourcing

Continuous communication and inclusiveness is critical for remote teams

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What People Say About Us

"POPin was a critical tool in allowing our leadership team to address our teams' highest priority questions in the face of the rapidly changing COVID-19 environment."

Cara Athmann
Vice President, Cardinal Group

POPin has been a critical tool for collaborating with employees as we manage through change; ranging from significant business level changes to the transition of working from home.”

Eric Johnson

"Our team has used POPin to innovate, collaborate and problem solve –
the platform really helps us  unites the group and allows everyone’s voice to be heard!"

Ray Castro
Sr. Associate, Point B

"Our professionals appreciate the opportunity to engage directly with leadership and have a voice."

Bob Joeger
Corporate Strategy, Black & Veatch
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"POPin has become integral to the way we work at USC and is critical now as we navigate keeping teams connected working from home, and navigating change."

Kent Saitoh
Director, Strategic Planning and Analysis, USC
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Continue communication & engagement

Keep your team engaged and productive

Pose a question to your team to help uncover solutions, discover roadblocks or simply get them to engage with each other.
Crowdsourcing gives you more than a survey score, it gives you prioritized results that help you uncover the best ideas.

Start a Discussion
Increase Transparency

Remote Town-Halls

Working remote makes town-halls more important to keep everyone engaged. Share business results, important initiatives and help your team understand how their work rolls up to the broader organizational mission. Use POPin to collect questions before the meeting and answer the questions as they come in during the town-hall.

Start a Town-Hall
leverage your Remote team

Brainstorm with Your Remote Team

Teams that can quickly identify a problem and work together to resolve it win in the market. Gather ideas from your team to make a smarter decision by leveraging participants' votes and comments to easily identify the top ideas.

Launch a brainstorm session